TAB Faculty


TAB_I_27Katherine Douglas, co-founder of Teaching for Artistic Behavior, Inc., has taught in an elementary choice-based art program for over 35 years. She is co-author of Engaging Learners through Artmaking: Choice-Based Art Education in the Classroom and other articles about choice-based art education. She has presented at national conferences and provides professional development to school districts and higher education. She was named Massachusetts Art Educator of the Year in 2016.

Nan Hathaway teaches choice-based art education at the middle school level in Duxbury, Vermont. She is co-editor of The Learner-Directed Classroom: Developing Creating Thinking Skills through Art and other articles on the topic of choice-based art education. She frequently speaks at state and national conferences about creativity, giftedness, and learner-directed art. She is past chair of the National Association for Gifted Children Creativity Network. Her blog is called Studio Learning: Art at Crosset Brook Middle School.

Clyde Gaw is a 32-year veteran art teacher near Indianapolis and has practiced choice-based art education for the past 12 years. He has served on the Advocacy Advisory Committee of the National Art Education Association and is the advocacy advisor for the Art Education Association of Indiana. He has presented at numerous regional and national venues and is the author of several publications, including the blogs Transition to Choice Based Art Education and Indiana Art Education Advocacy Action.

Diane Jaquith is co-founder of Teaching for Artistic Behavior, Inc. and recently retired following 25 years in K-8 education. She is an instructor in MassArt’s Department of Art Education for the Saturday Studios youth program. She is co-author of Engaging Learners through Artmaking: Choice-Based Art Education in the Classroom, The Learner-Directed Classroom: Developing Creative Thinking Skills through Art, and many articles about choice-based art education. She is past co-chair of NAEA’s Professional Learning through Research committee. She authors the blog, Self-Directed Art: Choice Based-Art Education.

Ian Sands. Perhaps best known for his work at Apex High School in North Carolina, Ian Sands now teaches at South Brunswick High School in Southport, NC. He is an active member of NAEA, often presenting at the annual conference. He is a frequent writer for School Arts Magazine and has been a contributing author for The Art of Education. He is currently working to release a high school choice-based teaching resource book titled The Open Art Room: A Framework for Supporting Authentic Student Choice, through Davis Publications.

Julie Toole is a National Board Certified art teacher at the Baker Demonstration School in Willamette, IL, teaching grades 1-8. She taught PreK-8 for 20 years in the Chicago Public Schools. She is a member of the TAB Leadership Team, organizes the Midwest TAB Summer Institute and served as a TAB study group coach for the Chicago Foundation for Education. She presents locally and nationally on the topics of choice-based art education and school/home advocacy. Her transition to choice-based art education is chronicled in her blog, Choosing Choice.