Engaging Learners through Artmaking (Douglas & Jaquith, 2009)

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The Learner-Directed Classroom (Jaquith & Hathaway, 2012)

Choice Without Chaos,Interactive eBook with Videos (Bedrick, 2012)

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  • Developmental stages of sculpture


NAEA Articles

Used with permission of the National Art Education Association.  

Smoke and Mirrors: Art Teacher as Magician by Nan E. Hathaway © 2013. 

When is Creativity? by Diane Jaquith © 2011.


Arts & Activities Magazine: Bi-Monthly Column and Other Articles

Used with permission of Arts and Activities Magazine. 

VISIT TO A CHOICE-BASED ART CLASSROOM by Katherine Douglas © November 2012.

WHAT IS A CENTER? by Nan E. Hathaway © January 2013.

ART HISTORY FROM THE INSIDE OUT by Nan E. Hathaway © March 2013.

THIS IS NOT ART, IT’S ENGINEERING! by Diane Jaquith © May 2013.

BEGINNINGS & ENDINGS IN THE CHOICE STUDIO by Katherine Douglas © October 2013

FORUM, Thoughts to Share: Boost Creativity and Innovation by Nan E. Hathaway © November 2013. 

THE HOME-SCHOOL CONNECTION by Julie Toole © December 2013

A QUESTION OF CLAY by Nan Hathaway © February 2014 

Talking with Your Administrator About Choice-Based Art by Julie Toole © September 2014

The Five Minute Demo by Anne Bedrick © November 2014

Assessing in a Choice-Based Classroom by Dale Zalmstra © January 2015

When the Cupboard is Bare by Katherine Douglas © April 2015

The Attachment Test by Diane Jaquith © May 2015

Continuum of Choice by Diane Jaquith © November 2015

Articles in Other Publications

                      Used with permission

Where’s the Revolution? Nan Hathaway & Diane Jaquith, Phi Delta Kappan Magazine, March, 2014

The Choice Studio by Katherine Douglas and Julie Toole, SchoolArts Magazine, March 2015

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