Best / Guiding Practice Guidelines

Guidelines for Using TAB Resources

When you share, show you care

We are an academic-practitioner community that values freely sharing resources to better our community of educators, and therefore, our students. Sharing resources is a wonderful networking opportunity that helps build connections between professional educators, wherever they are in their TAB journey. The best way to be respectful when sharing content is to make a good-faith effort to document your sources. You should also reference original sources that inspired you to adapt content for your classroom or students. We build amazing content by learning from those who came before us! 


Best Practices for Citing Sources When Using TAB Resources

  • Ask permission from the content creator
    • If on social media, ask within a comment thread, private message, or email. Include the following statement within your own content, wherever it is used:
      • Shared with written permission from (insert name and/or handle of content creator).
  • Include a hyperlink to the original content and/or reference the name of the original content creator when posting on social media.
  • When conducting academic research or writing content for publication within academic journals, use formal APA guidelines.
  • Within a slideshow presentation, include a reference page or footnote. This includes slide shows shared asynchronously and to live audiences (including in-person presentations or virtual platforms such as Zoom)
  • If you cannot find or do not recall your original source, include phrases such as these with your content:
    • I am not the original content creator. Re-sharing from an unknown source.
    • Materials originally shared via a TAB social media platform (specify Might Networks or name of the TAB Facebook group)
    • Materials originally shared at ______________ Conference (webinar or lecture)


Rationale for why TAB Inc does not endorse For-Profit Platforms

TAB is a grassroots organization founded on the vision that educators will share freely with each other to better our educational community. We value peer-to-peer learning. TAB is also incorporated in order to protect the integrity of the approach, which means that institutions may not buy or sell for profit any content containing intellectual property associated with Teaching for Artistic Behavior. 

For these reasons, and those listed below, TAB Inc does not endorse or support for-profit platforms as a place to purchase or sell TAB content. 

  • The intellectual property of TAB educators who shared freely on various social media platforms has been stolen and sold on the website without their consent.
  • Choice-based content cannot be labeled “TAB” because “Teaching for Artistic Behavior / TAB” is trademarked. If identified, our organization will request content be removed.
  • Historically, racist and culturally insensitive content has been created and sold on various sites causing significant harm to students and school communities. This is not in line with TAB’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

TAB Group Norms

TAB Group Norms

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