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We need YOU to submit content for the TAB, Inc. website and Mighty Networks!
TAB Storytellers is an online publication by TAB educators for TAB educators (and those that are TAB-curious, too!). We are currently seeking submissions for pieces (both written and video are accepted) regarding TAB implementation, resources, knowledge, and questions. If you have ever wanted to share your experiences in a TAB classroom, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! 


Submission Guidelines

We will endeavor to review your work in a timely manner and let you know if we have accepted it as is or if we feel there may be some revisions needed. We currently expect this process to take one to two months. Please know that if we feel revisions are needed, it is a process we will work with you throughout. 

  1. Each submission is reviewed for content, grammar, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  2. Include 2 or more high quality digital images with written content or a link for video content 
  3. Collect permission forms for student work and images
  4. Pick a potential theme listed below or create your own

Potential Theme include:

  • Community Building & Communication
  • Fears, Nightmares & Misconceptions
  • Centers: What, When, and How
  • Child Aesthetics-Through the eyes of the child
  • New Beginnings-Rough Starts and Restarts
  • Antiracist/Decolonization
  • Advocacy: Addressing Criticism of TAB
  • Behavior & Engagement
  • Celebrations and Show/Show and Tell
  • Reflect & Regroup
  • Nitty Gritty-The How To of TAB
  • Goal Setting & Vision
  • OR create your own theme

TAB is a community of educator mentors advancing the creative confidence of all learners through choice and student agency.


A future led by creative change-makers who improve the lives of all.