TAB Storytellers

Join hosts Jen Ferrari (she/her) and Abi Paytor Gbayee (she/her) as they have informal conversations with TAB leaders and educators, discussing topics related to the Teaching for Artistic Behavior movement in education. Our goal with this TABcast is hear the stories of how others found TAB, are implementing TAB in their classrooms, and answer questions related to TAB. Also we promise to laugh at ourselves often and not take this too seriously, we just aren't those people.

Blocks Paper Scissors

Block Paper Scissors is an education podcast about Teaching for Artistic Behavior and the power of self-directed art experience, creativity and experiential education! Browse all the episodes here: blockspaperscissors.podbean.com

Make Artists

Make Artists with your host Ian Sands the choice-based, student-directed, Teaching for Artistic Behavior high school art teacher and stuff and things… but mostly stuff. Browse all the episodes here: https://anchor.fm/makeartists