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Join hosts Jen Ferrari (she/her) and Abi Paytor Gbayee (she/her) as they have informal conversations with TAB leaders and educators, discussing topics related to the Teaching for Artistic Behavior movement in education. Our goal with this TABcast is hear the stories of how others found TAB, are implementing TAB in their classrooms, and answer questions related to TAB. Also we promise to laugh at ourselves often and not take this too seriously, we just aren't those people.


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TAB Teacher Blogs

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Thoughts on Arting (Melissa Purtee)


Engaging Learners Through Artmaking

Engaging Learners through Artmaking

Choice-Based Art Education in the Classroom (TAB) 2nd Edition
(Douglas & Jaquith, 2018)
The authors who introduced the concepts of Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) and choice-based art education have completely revised and updated their original, groundbreaking bestseller that was designed to facilitate independent learning and support student choices in subject matter and media. 

Making Artists

Making Artists

(Purtee & Sands, 2020) 

A comprehensive look at how and why a student-directed classroom is essential for the development of the student artist in the 21st century. Making Artists picks up where The Open Art Room left off, covering issues and situations choice teachers encounter as they design their program. This text provides tested methods for working through specific situations including room design, material handling, student ideation, production, and assessment. Additionally, you will enjoy a new set of unit and lesson plans to implement as you develop student-directed classrooms.
  • Available at Davis for purchase 
The Open Art Room

The Open Art Room

(Purtee & Sands, 2017)
Taking inspiration from a variety of contemporary approaches, this book presents a framework for Choice-Based instruction for Secondary Level (grades 6–12) Art Education. The Open Art Room provides a student-centered approach to art instruction that is inspirational, practical, and classroom-tested.
  • Available at Davis for purchase
The Learner DIrected Classroom

The Learner-Directed Classroom

(Jaquith & Hathaway, 2012)
​Educators at all levels want their students to develop habits of self-directed learning and critical problem-solving skills that encourage ownership and growth. In The Learner-Directed Classroom, practicing art educators (PreK–16) offer both a comprehensive framework for understanding student-directed learning and concrete pedagogical strategies to implement student-direct learning activities in school.

Studio Thinking from the Start

Studio Thinking from the Start

The K-8 Art Educator’s Handbook
(Hogan, Hetland, Jaquith, & Winner, 2018)

Students of all ages can learn to think and behave as artists! The eight Studio Habits of Mind and four Studio Structures are introduced, with supporting resources for use with K-8 students. Portraits of art teachers’ planning, instruction, and assessment practices provide a variety of implementation strategies for TAB teachers.

Choice not Chaos

Choice Without Chaos

Interactive eBook with Videos
(Bedrick, 2012)

Teaching with choice is in the best interest of students. It not only respects them as learners, but it also helps them to develop traits we value in adults; creativity, perseverance, flexibility, self-expression, and diligence. Through text, photos, and links to movies of the classroom in action, this book will help you understand how to lay the foundation for successfully teaching with choice.

  • Available on the iBookstore for purchase for iPads or Macs with Mavericks
  • Available at Amazon for purchase

TAB Group Norms

TAB Group Norms

TAB is a community of educator mentors advancing the creative confidence of all learners through choice and student agency.


A future led by creative change-makers who improve the lives of all.