The TAB Studio in the Time of COVID: Advocating for What We Do

Julie Toole using a children's book during COVID>

by Diane Jaquith In previous blog posts about the COVID-19 pandemic and the TAB studio, we’ve shared thoughts from practicing teachers about relationship and community building. Here, we share what teachers are advocating for in this difficult time, as well as resources teachers have suggested for TAB teaching.  My thing is mental health advocacy. I […]

The TAB Studio in the Time of COVID: Building Communities

The TAB Studio in the Time of COVID

By Diane Jaquith ​Blog 2: Building CommunitiesIn this second entry in a series about the challenges of teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers share their thoughts about community building, a central tenet to the TAB studio. ​ BUILDING TAB STUDIO COMMUNITIES: QUOTES FROM TEACHERS Vygotsky talks about the collaborative aspect of learning and social creatures. Kids have […]

The TAB Studio in the Time of COVID-19 By Diane Jaquith

Building Relationships

In the last TAB blog post, Julie Toole emphasized that strong communities and relationships are essential to learning. Relationships and community come first – TAB teachers innately understand this – and building these foundations starts on Day 1. Collaborative studio communities will grow and develop as the school year progresses, but first, teachers need to […]

Adding “Ourselves” into Anti-Racism Work

Statement of Solidarity

Adding “Ourselves” into Anti-Racism WorkJulie Toole, Chicago IL TAB Board Chair DEI&J Anti-racism work is not self-improvement work for White people. It doesn’t end when White people feel better about what they’ve done. It ends, according to Rachel Cargle (2020), when Black people are staying alive and they have their liberation. We have paused. We have […]

Statement of Solidarity

Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) stands in support of Black-led movements denouncing systemic racism and police brutality against BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) including the most recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbury. While these latest murders have been a catalyst for an uprising, systemic racism has been deeply embedded into […]

Beyond the Art Room: Remote TAB Studio Learning In Pandemia

By: Clyde Gaw*Original blog post from: K-12 educators across the World faced a new challenge at the beginning of Spring this March. With little warning, teachers reinvented or made major readjustments to their educational programs to accommodate remote learning mandates in a matter of hours. Instead of face to face interactions with teachers, fellow classmates, […]

Remote Learning Resources

Photo with hand using a brush to paint

Getting Started with Learning OnlineHome Art Supplies by Jill Stepak​Online Learning for Art- Getting Started by Ron Gresham  All LevelsPaper Smache Demo for TAB by Clyde GawSegni Mossi Movement with DrawingHarvey Moon’s Drawing Machines Elementary​“Art at Home” by Claire Winkeler​Mr. Fralick’s Portal of Inspiration and Curiosity ​Mrs. Corrente’s Board of Inspiring and Creative IdeasKaty O’Brien’s Art […]

TAB Group Norms

TAB Group Norms

By TAB Board Members To maintain the open and accepting character of Teaching for Artistic Behavior as the organization continues to grow, the time has come for us to establish group norms.  TAB classrooms are places educators and students create space to explore themselves and their world through artistic investigation and artmaking. When the student […]

Skill Builders in Step with Personalized Learning

High school skill builder

By Pam Ehrenreich Some of the best ideas come from when we listen to our students. It can be something as simple as where to post an essential question to completely revamping how teachers present information. I am fortunate, my entire high school Art department is made up of teachers implementing the TAB philosophy, creating a […]